Littleton Dam

River/Stream: Wapsipinicon River

Location: Littleton, Buchanan County
        Latitude: 42.530529
        Longitude: -92.027930
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Built: 1935. Demolished March 2019.

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View of the boil below the dam.

Owner: coventry with Iowa DNR easement

Height: formerly 9 ft.

Length: formerly 280 ft.

Hazards: drowning, visibility, usage

Warning Signs: Buchanan CCB installed dam warning and portage trail signs in April, 2008


Comments: upstream rock arch rapids construction in progress

Fatalities 9

  • July 1, 1996 - Melvin Lightfoot, Sr. & Melvin Lightfoot, Jr., boating accident
  • June 4, 1990 - Patrick Graham, attempted to rescue his son, Tom, who survived after jumping in to rescue his dog that also drowned
  • June, 1980, Rebecca Marie Cory
  • June 9, 1963 - boaters Merrill Broshar & Lloyd McAllister
  • June 7, 1959 - swimmer Casper C. Cook
  • June, 1937 - George Nagy, fell in while fishing
  • September, 1936 - Ray Baldwin, attempted swim from rowboat to shore above dam

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Upstream view of dam horizon line.

Photos by Al Donaldson