Warner Ford

River/Stream: Yellow River

Location: about 8 miles downstream from Volney, Allamakee County
        Latitude: 43.126554
        Longitude: -91.290068
        Click here to view an aerial map of the ford.

Built: reconstruction completed 2011

Owner: Kurt Warner

Height: now a low-water crossing


Warning Signs:

Portage: No longer needed

Comments as of April 22, 2011: The large concrete crossing on the Yellow River between Sixteen Bridge and Ion was removed in December, and in early April a low-water crossing was installed. While stream bank / floodplain restoration and in-channel fish habitat work will continue into mid-May, the area is safe for paddling and portaging is no longer necessary. The water trails conservation crew has developed a planting plan to re-establish the riparian plant community in a restored floodplain. [Shoreline restoration has since been completed.]

View of low water crossing

View of low water crossing

View of previous ford showing obvious hazards

2008 view of previous ford showing obvious hazards