Low Head Dam Online Videos

Iowa Specific

Title: Des Moines to re-examine public safety at low head dams
KCCI TV News Report1 - July 3, 2009 (3:01m)
Coverage of Alan Neely drowning and safety issues at Center St. dam
Title: Low Head Dam Safety Improvements at Des Moines
WOI TV News Report - July 1, 2009 (3:06m)
Coverage of Alan Neely drowning and safety issues at Center St. dam
Title: Low Head Dam Rescue And Fatality
KCCI TV News Report - June 30, 2009 (6:34m)
Coverage of dam rescue and drowning body recovery at Center St. dam
Title: River Dam Rescue
KCCI, WHO, WOI TV New Reports - July 10, 2007 (6:04m)
Coverage of Wanek/Treptow raft rescue (Compiled, posted and now marked private by Joseph Wanek)
Personal account of Wanek/Treptow raft rescue provided to IWC by Joseph Wanek in 2007
Title: Low Head Dam Dangers Boone Iowa
KCCI News Report - August, 2006 (2:45m)
John Wenck w/ dam model following M. Pavelick drowning
Title: Low Head Dam Dangers Boone Iowa 2
KCCI News Report - August, 2006 (2:49m)
Rescuer's story of M. Pavelick drowning
Title: Low Head Dam Dangers Boone Iowa 3
KCCI News Report - August, 2006 (2:28m)
Changes at dam following M. Pavelick drowning
Title: Dangerous Dams
Video of the first ACE low head dam model utilized by IWC (1:21m)
Captured and posted by James Weeks
Title: Rivers as Recreation
The Iowa Journal visits Fraser, along the Des Moines River near Boone, where the Department of Natural Resources installed warning signs of a downstream dam and built a trail for paddlers to bypass a low-head dam. (4:34m) Produced by Iowa Public Television. Posted July 1, 2008.

Elsewhere in America

Title: Low Head
By Tom Lindblade and Marge Cline (8 min - Jun 14, 2006)
Every year, low head dams account for many deaths in the US. This video shows how to avoid such dams, and using a dam simulator shows how people and boats can get caught at the base of a dam.
Title: Binghampton New York Dam Drowning
September 19, 1975 (Posted 2007)
Segment showing disaster for rescue crew during body recovery (1:02m)
Title: paddling over a low head dam
This was filmed before I knew the dangers of low head dams and I consider myself lucky to be alive. (Posted 2007)
Kayak pinned on dam, but boater swims and escapes (1:01m)
Title: Drowning Machine
A video camera goes over a low head dam on a river in Illinois (1:33m)