Support Restoration of the Maquoketa River

On July 24, 2010, the Delhi impoundment dam on the Maquoketa River failed causing  considerable damage downstream with millions of cubic yards of sediment that was flushed from the lake bed, blanketing farm fields, woodlands, sidewalks, roads, homes, and businesses with silt and sand. The failure also resulted in dramatic downstream river habitat damage from rapid, severe erosion moving upstream from the failed dam (more than 200,000 cubic yards of sediment released by head-cutting).
We invite you to join us in supporting the restoration of the Maquoketa River and opposing the use of state monies towards rebuilding a failed dam that would re-create an environmentally and economically costly river impoundment. An email sent to will confirm your support and we'll add you to the list. Please include the community in which you live.
We believe in the need to invest in a vision of an environmentally healthy Iowa with a healthy, free flowing Maquoketa River being an important part of that vision (clean water, support of native aquatic species, in state recreational opportunities such as great fishing, paddling, scenery, and wild-life viewing).
From the environmental standpoint, river restoration is a clear winner over re-creating the impoundment. Dams disrupt aquatic habitat, decrease habitat complexity, decrease species diversity, and have detrimental effects on water quality. Most Iowa impoundments used as multipurpose reservoirs have ratios of 40 to 1 or less. The Lake Delhi impoundment ratio is 500 acres of watershed for each 1 acre of impoundment surface (223,630 acre watershed, 448 acre lake). This impoundment ratio means that dredging would be an ongoing necessity (5 year cycle predicted with increased need following flood events, $2,200,000 dredging cost for 2006 which was mostly negated by the floods of 2008).
Please take a moment to download and read the full text of our call to restore the Maquoketa River.
Check out the DEHLI Fact Sheet assembled by Iowa Rivers Revival.
We thank you for your dedication to healthy rivers. We urgently need to know if you or your organization will actively support this effort. If you have any questions please feel comfortable in calling Peter Komendowski personally at 319.269.8493.
Please be sure to share your thoughts and concerns with your Iowa representative and senator. Click here to view leadership in the The Iowa Legislature 2012 General Assembly. This page also has links to all legislators and a link to search for your district's representative and senator.
Last updated: 2/29/2012
Supporting Groups and Organizations
Iowa Whitewater Coalition
American Rivers
Central Iowa Paddlers
Friends of Iowa Rivers
Friends of Iowa Trails
Iowa Environmental Council
Iowa Rivers Revival
Citizen Support
Click here to view the newly released
Lake Delhi Dam Reconstruction Design Alternatives Report.
Click here to view the Lake Delhi Recover & Rebuild Task Force Final Report and other related documents.
Click here to view the full text of our
Help Support Restoration
of the Maquoketa River letter.
Scott Bandstra, Des Moines
Ronn P. Beebe, Fairfax
David Brenner, Ames
Sarah Costa, Des Moines
Whitney S. Davis, Grinnell
Rick Dietz, Ames
Tony Dunsky, Johnston
Chuck Eckhardt, Grinnell
Richard Gill, Texas
John & Diane Hall, Marshalltown
Linda Hiller
Dick Howard, Van Meter
Verna E. May, West Des Moines
Ned McPartland
Heather Meggers, Hiawatha
Bennett Pearson, Whidbey Island, WA
Gerry Rowland, Des Moines
Leo Salat, Cedar Rapids
Mike Scheuermann, Boone
Theresa Shay, Decorah
Christopher Stafford, Clive
Jim Todd, Boone
Margaret Vernon, Indianola
Julie Young, Johnston
Kirsten Winter