Cascade Dam

River/Stream: North Fork Maquoketa River

Location: Cascade, Dubuque County
        Latitude: 42.299284
        Longitude: -91.012589
        Click here to view an aerial map of the dam. The dam is under the bridge.

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View of dam and remaining cascades


Owner: City of Cascade

Height: 2 ft.

Length: 120 ft.

Hazards: visibility, urban, height

Warning Signs: do not meet current standards

Portage: Take out on river right about 400 feet upstream of the bridge. Put in on river right about 200 feet downstream of the bridge.

Comments: Cascade, according to local lore, was named for the 9 foot, double tiered waterfall that flowed in the middle of town near the current dam’s location. Pre-1925 postcards are some of the only reminders of this namesake. Flood control measures led to the creation of the current channel, dam, and bridge and the demise of the waterfall. -- from Jones County Conservation

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Upstream view of dam horizon line

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Historical information panel at Riverview Park