C Street Roller Dam

River/Stream: Cedar River

Location: southwest Cedar Rapids, Linn County
        Latitude: 41.978928
        Longitude: -91.672659
        Click here to view an aerial map of the dam.

Built: 1966

Owner: Alliant Energy

Height: 39.5 feet

Length: 636 feet

Hazards: drowning, urban, visibility

Warning Signs: need improvement

Portage: There are plenty of spots to take out upstream of the dam and walk down the road. There are also a plenty of areas to put back in downstream of it.

Comments: There appears to be a little breach designed in on the south side (river right), but never attempt to run it. It's way too small, and the paddler would get sucked right back into the recirculating water at the dam face.

Fatalities 7

  • July 29, 2009 - jet skier Christopher Clark
  • August 10, 1978 - Bruce Alkire & Benny Wieland, fell in while fishing
  • May 20, 1976 - C.R. firefighters Melvin Goebel & Robert Simon while training above the dam
  • April 15, 1973 - brothers Daniel & Donald Chapman in raft over dam

Photos by David Leskowicz