Vernon Springs Mill Dam

River/Stream: Turkey River

Location: Cresco, Howard County
        Latitude: 43.347418
        Longitude: -92.138317
        Click here to view an aerial map of the dam.

Built: 1857

Owner: Howard County Conservation Board

Height: 8 feet

Length: 150 feet


Warning Signs:

Portage: portage on river right if rapids look too challenging

Comments: HCCB was awarded an FY2008 DNR low-head dam safety cost-share grant to construct a rock-arch rapids at a 20:1 slope below the existing dam and mill pond for safety and fish passage. The project was completed in the Fall, 2010.

Fatalities 1

  • August 13, 1943 - Leland Aberg, swimming in high water at the dam

View of rock arches shortly before project completion.

The dam prior to conversion to rock arch rapids.