Quaker Mill Dam

River/Stream: Maquoketa River

Location: upstream from Manchester, Delaware County
        Latitude: 42.507867
        Longitude: -91.474190
        Click here to view an aerial map of the dam.

Built: 1852. (Concrete reconstruction 1914.) Removed 2017.

Owner: Donated to County Conservation Board by Willard Hawker

Height: formerly 22 feet

Length: formerly 196 feet

Hazards: drownings, height

Warning Signs:


Comments: phase one dam removal and channel restoration completed in 2017. Phase two to reroute the Maquoketa River back into its oriignal channel after breaching into a neighboring creek due to floods of 2008 and 2010 completed in late 2018.

Fatalities 3

  • July 18, 1968 - Bill Tibbott, stepped into a deep hole while seining for fish
  • May 29, 1958 - Jan Speed, tried to swim across the river just above the dam
  • July 17, 1948 - fisherman Jerry Kirby, fell during attempt to climb from the dam to the pier

View of river right side of former damPhoto by Robin Stone

View of stream and bank stabilization and restoration post-removal