Northwood Dam

River/Stream: Shell Rock River

Location: Northwood, Worth County
        Latitude: 43.437144
        Longitude: -96.166937
        Click here to view an aerial map of the dam.

Built: 1908

Owner: City of Northwood

Height: 1.5 feet

Length: 35 feet


Warning Signs:


Comments: dangerous low water bridge 40 feet downstream from the dam

Another cross-river obstruction can be observed in the aerial map approximately one mile downstream.

Photos by Dave Hillman

Fatalities 2

  • May 3, 1940 - John Helsted, age 2, found floating near the dam
  • March 31, 1933 - N.B. Dorman, boat over dam after motor failure

Note: These fatalities occurred at a dam that once provided power for a grist mill. The mill and dam are gone.